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Workington Job Loss Anger

Workington Job Loss Anger

October 29, 2013


Anger over the proposed loss of jobs at three Tata Steel plants including Workington has been expressed by local MEP Paul Nuttall.

“It is a tragedy that workers are facing losing their livelihood thanks in no small measure to EU rules and regulations.

“It is easy to attack big companies which it comes to axing jobs and there can often be a suspicion that the real reason is not fully disclosed. But I have no doubt that Tata are not trying to shift blame when they talk of EU energy and environment rules being a major factor.

“And it comes as no surprise that demands for steel are expected to continue to fall because of the economic conditions,” said Mr Nuttall, UKIP deputy leader.

“The energy and environment rules in the UK are at the behest of the EU and are causing hardship at every level of society. The government needs to rise to the challenge and ditch this EU red tape,” he added.

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