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Wirral BC Should Not Be Lending Surplus

July 31

 Dear Sir,

 Dear Editor,

In a time when we see that the council can’t even get to grips with the problem of overflowing bins in the town, is it really appropriate for Wirral Borough Council to be lending money at rock bottom rates to councils as far away as Doncaster, home of opposition leader Ed Miliband?

I find it rather shocking that while residents are having to cope with not only a cut to public services, a 2% hike was added to their council tax bill this April even though they had the opportunity to freeze rates for another year. Town hall bosses need to start looking after Wirral residents and businesses first and foremost.

I would much rather this money be spent right here in the borough. There are many businesses looking to expand and employ more people but can’t find the capital and after being turned down by mainstream lenders. Meanwhile, household budgets are stretched to breaking point leaving little money left to spend on the high street.

I am confident that the council would enjoy a far quicker return on providing low cost loans to local businesses that create jobs. Helping Doncaster Council should be the priority of nearby authorities such as Sheffield, Barnsley and Rotherham, not Wirral.

Yours faithfully,


Paul Nuttall

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