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Why I’m backing Paul

Why I’m backing Paul
I’m backing Paul Nuttall in the Leadership Contest for the following reasons:
Paul has been our North West MEP since 2009 and was re-elected again in 2014, during this time he has served us as Party Chairman and then as Deputy Party Leader, gaining a wealth of experience within those positions.
He has wide support not only in the region but throughout the party, the press and media, influential supporters, members of the public and is greatly respected by all. paulhust
He knows how the party’s past failings and how it needs to be managed for the future challenges and is the only person that I know who is capable of unite UKIP and move it forward for our future political success.   
Some of the future challenges:
Holding the Government to account over “BREXIT”
Ensuring that they act in accordance of the will of the 17.4 million people who voted to leave the EU. No ifs or buts.
Winning seats in both next years local elections and building up support for the 2020 general election, winning over the disenfranchised Labour voters who feel abandoned by the militants who now control it.
For all of these challenges and of the past events we need a strong leader, that is why I am backing Paul Nuttall.
The Right man at the Right Time, Paul Nuttall MEP for UKIP PARTY LEADER !
That`s why I`m backing Paul and would ask all North West Members to VOTE for PAUL in the ballot to elect our next Party Leader.
Thank you
Phil Griffiths
President, North West UK Independence Party

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