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UKIP questions ECJ ruling

UKIP questions ECJ ruling

UKIP has spoken out against a controversial ECJ ruling. The European Court of Justice has ruled British citizens should be able to bring non-EU family members into the UK without a travel visa – read more HERE


UKIP MEP and spokesman on immigration Steven Woolfe said: “This ruling extends the so-called ‘right to free movement’ to millions of people from anywhere in the world who don’t have citizenship of any country of the EU.

“This is yet more proof that Britain can never take back control of its borders as long as it remains in the European Union.”

To read Steven’s full response to this ruling click HERE


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  1. So anyone can walking into Britain, This is EU comprise to over crowd Britain. Controlled boarders worked before and we still traded with the EU. This is not a trading issue, this is EU telling Britain what it can and can’t do

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