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UKIP Public Meeting in Heywood

UKIP Public Meeting in Heywood


A public meeting is to be held by UKIP in Heywood next month.

The party’s deputy leader, Paul Nuttall, will be the guest speaker at the event, which will address the subject of “Why vote UKIP?”

Mr Nuttall, a regular guest on national television and radio programmes including BBC’s “Question Time” is UKIP’s MEP for the North West.

“I am delighted to have been invited to speak at this meeting and I anticipate that there will be a great turn out because more and more people realise that we are the party of common sense,” said Mr Nuttall.

“People are fed up with the other three main parties and realise we are the only party offering the opportunity for real change. Our membership is rising at a fast rate and contrary to public perception we are not just attracting disgruntled Tories but also former Labour and LibDem supporters.

“Sadly many people don’t bother to vote at all as they have become so disillusioned with politics but increasingly they are giving their vote to UKIP.

“This meeting will give people the opportunity to learn more about our party  and have any questions answered,” said Mr Nuttall.

“As well as the Euro-elections in May there are also council elections up and down the country taking place at the same time up and I have no doubt that we will do well,” he added.

The meeting, which is free to attend, begins at 2 pm on Saturday afternoon February 15 at Heywoods Sports Village, Starkey Street, Heywood, OL10 4TW.

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