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UKIP Membership Continues To Rise

UKIP Membership Continues To Rise

April 2,  2014


News that UKIP’s membership is continuing to rise, with the party now at an all-time high of 35,081 members, has been welcomed by deputy leader Paul Nuttall.

“There is no doubt that UKIP is the biggest story in British politics this year. Our messages and policies are clearly capturing the public imagination and they are joining us in droves.

“We have had almost 2,500 new members who have joined so far this year alone and we are on an upward trajectory,” said Mr Nuttall, MEP for the North West.

“The other parties would have you believe people aren’t interested in politics anymore but these brilliant new membership figures show just the opposite.

“They are disillusioned with the other main parties but see UKIP as a breath of fresh air and one with common sense policies and views.

“And it is no longer just Tory votes we are taking but also from the Labour Party and both those parties are very worried about the threat we pose,” he added.


  1. Well we have enough to fill most premier league stadiums. The way its going, we’ll need to hold the 2016 conference at Wembley Stadium, not the arena. 🙂

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