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UKIP Candidate Lone Nominee in Cumbria Election

UKIP Candidate Lone Nominee in Cumbria Election

15 March 2014

Nominations closed on Friday at noon in the Dalton Town Council by-election with UKIP’s Andy Shepherd being the only nominee. Mr Shepherd will now be called to take his seat on the council being elected unopposed for the Dowdales Ward.

The election was called in the wake of the resignation of former Dalton mayor and sitting Barrow Borough and Cumbria County Labour councillor, Barry Doughty. Mr Doughty claimed the town council had become “too political” .

Councillor Barry Doughty is Cumbria County Council’s portfolio holder for safer and stronger communities, the department tasked with proposing the fire service cuts which includes the closure of Dalton fire station. At a public meeting in January residents voiced their anger at the possible loss of the facility and were annoyed at the fact that Councillor Doughty failed to show up.

The vacancy was set to go to co-option but UKIP Barrow and Furness ensured an election was called. The branch and their candidate were all ready to fight the campaign until Friday afternoon when the returning officer informed candidate Andy Shepherd of his victory.

UKIP Barrow and Furness vice chairman Noel Matthews said “The fact that no party, especially Labour, put up a candidate is very telling. It tells us that the parties of Westminster, at a level of government which is  arguably the closest to ordinary people’s daily lives, are plainly disinterested. In this case, following revelations in the local newspaper that Labour councillors voted as a group in favour of cutting the Dalton appliance, we saw the clear problems with the whipping system. Party loyalty comes before the needs of the people and Labour are now extremely unpopular in Dalton. I congratulate Andy, who will serve the people of Dalton according to his judgement and conscience with no interference from his party”


  1. james gardiner /

    Sir I was really happy so see Mr, Nigel Farage give Nick Clegg a really good bashing in front of a large Audience BBC 2 yesterday Mr, Farage will certainly be getting my vote. Nigel had the muppet clegg tied in knots it just seemed that Clegg knew little about anything. Well done Mr, Farage you are my hero now & in the future Are there any posters or leaflets I could put up on my Burger van ? Keep up the good work & I look forward to seeing UKIP in Power—Quite sure this will come to pass. yours James gardiner

  2. Mrs., S.R Capstick /

    Please could you give me your views on Christian freedom to practise our faith unmolested and also you views on Marriage Thankyou Yours sue Capstick

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