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Tourism VAT should be cut

Tourism VAT should be cut

Aug 27 – to Blackpool Gazette

Dear Editor,

As your local MEP, I fully support the Cut Tourism VAT campaign that would see the rate slashed for the struggling catering and hospitality industry.

It is utter madness that while we are struggling to attract visitors to the UK (outside of London) our restaurants, bars and theme parks are forced to charge some of the highest levels of VAT in Europe. This is restricting many businesses in seaside resorts such as Blackpool from expanding and taking on more staff.

Much of continental Europe have been able to slash the VAT in the tourism and hospitality industry and as a result, business in this sector is booming, bucking the national trend.

Blackpool as a resort has a number of attractions capable of enticing visitors not just from the North West but from across the UK and overseas. However, until VAT in the tourism sector is allowed to fall to more competitive levels, seaside towns will continue to be regarded as overpriced for family visitors.

Yours faithfully

Paul Nuttall

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