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Tory claims about Migrant Benefits misleading

Tory claims about Migrant Benefits misleading

Tory promises to curb benefits to new EU migrants are “blatantly false”, said UKIP deputy leader Paul Nuttall today.


“And along with their pledge to withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights they can be shown to be so. The Conservatives have no intention of fulfilling either promise because they simply cannot.


Under UK rules a range of benefits – child benefit, child tax credit, state pension credit, jobseekers’ allowance and unemployment support allowance – are only given to those with a “right to reside”.


That is automatic for UK nationals, but residents from other EU countries have to pass a “right to reside” test. This can easily be bypassed by them claiming to be self employed.


Mr Nuttall, North West MEP, pointed out, that in addition, the European Commission is already taking the UK to the European Court of Justice to ensure that all EU citizens have the same right as UK residents.


“At present the government’s policy is that the EU migrants are only eligible for jobseekers’s allowance for six months unless they have genuine prospects of finding work. How on earth ‘genuine prospects’ are quantified I do not know.


“It is clear that the only way to stop mass immigration from EU states to the UK and prevent abuse of the British welfare system, as well as leave the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights is to leave the EU. 


“No amount of grandstanding or bluster for Conservative Party leaders will change that simple fact. We are tied to ECHR and migrant benefits while EU members,” he said.







  1. Rob Evans /

    Today, yet another unelected EU spokesman says on BBC TV news that migrants pay their way. They pay more than they receive in benefits.

    But benefits are only 1/7 of public spending. Who pays for schools, hospitals, roads, social services, the army and so on? Not migrants, clearly.

    Of course, the BBC just broadcast what was said. Facts obviously don’t matter to them.

    UKIP needs to challenge the political elite’s misleading statements with some very basic facts. And challenge the likes of the BBC for reporting them unquestioningly.

  2. The so called political elite of this country do so much spinning of facts they are totally dizzy and actually believe the spin and convince themselves that it is true.

  3. ray rogerson /

    we in the uk must be the daftest in the world. the only party to tell us the truth about what on earth is happening in our country is UKIP. i open the newspaper and hear about illegal migrants waiting in france to get into the UK, they then seek assylam here, what ever happened to the rule you have to do that in the first country you arrive in. why can’t we just send them back to wherever they came from or let the French sort them out. we are in debt about 1&1/2 £trillion and seem to be handing money out to everyone. we’ve got ministers ordering wind farms at a cost of billions of pounds which have a job to boil a kettle full of water, these are mainly built in germany as we seem to have lost the art of making things. not only are the germans building the windfarms they also take millions of pounds in subsidys as most of our energy suppliers are foreign owned. These subsidys are paid for through our electricity bills. The only person woking at the border agency with guts to report what is really happening has resigned because the home secretary dos’nt like what he is saying in his reports & is refusing to publish most of them because if the public find out what is actually happening at our borders there would be outcry in this country. thank goodness UKIP keep us informed with the truth about what is really happening to OUR country.

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