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The people have spoken

The people have spoken

Dear Editor,

I must congratulate those who had the courage of their convictions to vote Brexit last Thursday.

I know it was a hard decision for some made after considerable agonising and others faced of opposition from friends, colleagues and relatives.

But, even after the furore that has now exploded, I can assure them it was definitely the right choice and once the dust has settled they will see that for sure.  

My thanks also go to the hard working campaigners – from across the political spectrum – who fought for leaving the EU and refused to be cowed by Project Fear.


It was a democratic election and it goes against those principles to even countenance the prospect of a second referendum being demanded by sore losers.

What we need to do now is move forward – together – for the best of our country, free once again to make our own laws and control immigration.

Yours faithfully

Paul Nuttall MEP


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