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Support the armed forces

Support the armed forces

Dear Editor,

Now that Article 50 has been triggered and we are on course to leave the EU there are many important issues that need resolving.

There are further cuts being planned, cuts that will affect most of us and they need immediate attention from the government.

One in particular is defence, which should be the first priority of any government. After years of savage cuts under Cameron’s coalition, our armed services suffered severely, while it became set in law that we must give 0.7% of our GDP away in overseas aid, which now equates to more than £13.5 billion each year and continues to grow as our economy grows.

Yet, there is speculation that more cuts are in the pipeline for our armed services, in particular for the Royal Marines with their capability reduced and the Royal Navy and their flagship HMS Ocean, which may be sold next year, as well as an exodus from both the army and RAF personnel for a variety of reasons including poor accommodation.

The world becomes more dangerous by the minute and with the escalating trouble and rising tensions between Syria, Russia and the US as well as North Korea, it is high time that we invest properly in our armed services and with it the defence of the realm and our interests around the world.

As we are about to become an independent nation again it is important that we prioritise what matters most for our future and that the first priority is defending it.

Yours sincerely

Philip Griffiths, North West President

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