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Steven Woolfe responds to Calais situation

Steven Woolfe responds to Calais situation

Leadership of Calais Municipality before the HOC Home Affairs Committee Identifies UK benefits system and as main driver for illegals trying to make it to Britain

In their appearance before the House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee Natacha Bouchart, Mayor of Calais, Philippe Mignonet, Deputy Mayor of Calais, and Emmanuel Aguis, First Deputy to the Mayor made the following points:
++ Immigrants in Calais are “prepared to die to come to England”
++ Immigrants come from following countries: Ethiopia, Sudan, Syria, Eretria, Lebanese, Iran, Iraqis
++ Immigrants want to come to UK because UK is a soft touch. This is main driver. UK a much more favourable benefits regime with weekly benefits of £36 per week “which is a huge amount for people who have nothing.”
++ Real magnet for immigrants is not the City of Calais but the benefits of the UK
++ No UK immigration minster has visited Calais to see the situation and visit the Mayor of Calais
++ Both the French and British governments and the European Commission refuse to listen to what is happening at Calais

In response, Steven Woolfe MEP commented:

“As Madame Bouchart testimony shows, she is at the frontline of Europe’s migration problem as a locally elected official. From her experience it is evident that even though Britain has not signed theSchengen Agreement, this country is adversely affected by the lack of European and French action on migration. This, together with a far too generous UK benefits system and lack of deportation enforcement on illegal immigrants once they arrive, means that illegals too often see the UK as a ‘soft touch’ destination.

“The message needs to be sent to migrants heading for Britain that this country’s streets are not paved with gold. That immigrants illegally arriving from Calais cannot claim asylum having landed in another European country previously.  That if they are caught in the UK living and working illegally they will be sent back to the country from which they arrived.

“In reality, the only way to reduce illegal immigration into the UK from places like Calais is to withdraw from the European Union and negotiate new rules for the free movement of people into our independent country on our way out.”

UKIP MEP Steven Woolfe

UKIP MEP Steven Woolfe


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