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Scrap the Tolls

Scrap the Tolls

A protest over the Mersey tunnel tolls was held by UKIP members in Wallasey today. (Mon)

The party is totally opposed to the tolls and has been campaigning for several years for them to be abolished.

A group of campaigners gathered on Oakdale Road overlooking the entrance to the Wallasey tunnel and their placards attracted many beeps of support from motorists in the morning rush hour on their way to Liverpool.

Paul Nuttall, party leader said, “The whole idea of tolls is grossly unfair and is a stealth tax on motorists, which affects both individuals and businesses.” 

UKIP’s ‘national Scrap the tolls” campaign was launched in 2002 and similar protests have been held at bridges and tunnels all over the country. 

“We will be staging a protest at Runcorn Bridge, as we have done previously, in the near future. It is totally wrong that when the Mersey Gateway is opened it will mean both crossings being tolled,” said Mr Nuttall.


Photo showing some of the protesters, including Wirral UKIP chairman, Paula Walters, attached.

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