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Scotland and Brexit

Scotland and Brexit

Dear Editor,

Britain is firmly on the path to leaving the EU and that is a journey that everyone in the country needs to make together after the majority vote for Brexit.

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has had trouble with this concept though and has argued for an independent Scotland to be an EU member.

She’s apparently changed tack now; having been told they would be at the back of the queue, amid EU fears that such a breakaway move would reinforce the independence desire of other separatists, such as the Catalonians and Basques in Spain.

She has also discovered that there is growing Euroscepticism in Scotland and so is said to be aiming to join the European Free Trade Association instead,  though EU membership could still be sought further down the road.

The reality is that remaining part of the UK and working in harmony with Westminster politicians towards the most favourable outcome of Brexit negotiations is the best way for Scotland to flourish economically and is the route the SNP should pursue.

She talks of Theresa May having a “tin ear” but actually the problem is Ms Sturgeon’s brass neck to make demands so out of tune with those of the Scots themselves.

Yours faithfully

Paul Nuttall, MEP

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