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Sajjad Karim Remarks Slammed

Sajjad Karim Remarks Slammed

Aug 16 – Bolton News

 Dear Editor,

 The comments made by your Conservative MEP Sajjad Karim stating that opponents of the European Union are an ‘anti-EU Taliban’ are bang out of order and a smack in the face of the overwhelming majority of people who are unhappy with our current relationship of the EU.

He should know that since 2010, poll after poll has shown that more voters support leaving the EU than those who believe we should opt to stay in. If he believes in comparing the majority view with that of the Taliban then he will certainly be in for a surprise when his party loses a record number of MEP’s come next May.

Karim ought to be reminded that just a few years ago, only UKIP had the courage to even mention Europe amidst the suggestion that we were mentally ill. Perhaps now Karim fears losing his job in 2014, we should expect nothing less from a former Liberal Democrat turned Conservative MEP.

Yours faithfully


Paul Nuttall

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