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Referendum For Gibraltar MP Advocated

July 29, 2013


MEP Paul Nuttall is advocating residents of Gibraltar be given a referendum on whether they want to return a Gibraltar MP to Westminster and vote in parliament.

Detailing the move Paul Nuttall, UKIP deputy leader, said that the weekend traffic jam chaos on the Rock, caused by Spanish police stopping every vehicle leaving, demonstrated the urgent need for such a referendum.

“Gibraltar has been a British Overseas Territory since the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713 and residents have rejected Spanish sovereignty claims on a number of occasions.

“Recent incidents, which have included Spanish police boats in British waters – on one occasion firing at a jet-skier – and Spanish air force jets roaring across the territory, show how tensions are rising, as does the deliberate chaos caused by the police border checks,” said Mr Nuttall.

“I personally believe a referendum should be held and I would encourage the people of Gibraltar to vote in favour of sending an MP to Westminster who can question the Government on Spanish meddling and interference.

“Gibraltar governs its own affairs, though some powers, such as foreign policy, internal security and defence, remain the responsibility of the UK Government. It is a member of the EU and for electoral purposes is classed within the South West of England region.  Yet Gibraltar has no say in the House of Commons.

“I believe that there is little sense in Gibraltarians voting in European Elections, having British representatives in Brussels, and not being allowed to vote in the UK General Election and have representation in London.

“I would like to see Gibraltar send a representative to London to sit in Parliament, and have input into non-devolved matters. I envisage that Gibraltar would have equal standing to England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland within the United Kingdom.

“Under the system that I propose, Gibraltar would retain its own parliament, which would deal with its existing devolved issues, as does the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh and Northern Ireland assemblies, whilst sending an elected representative to London.

“I believe the residents would choose such closer ties with the UK and this would put pay to Spanish claims to the territory once and for all,” said Mr Nuttall, Euro-MP for the North West.

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