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Red Ed’s 2015 Revolution

Red Ed’s 2015 Revolution

Sept 27

Dear Editor,

So, Ed Miliband, the son of a marxist academic, wants to impose “democratic socialism” on us once again if he wins the General Election in 2015.

This will put us back to the strike-torn 70’s and do nothing to improve the standing of our country or improve the lives of the people. What it will do is expand the dependency culture, which is Labour’s hallmark for bribing the electorate into voting for them because of their reliance on benefits.

We need to encourage a culture of wealth-makers who will create jobs through their entrepreneurial skills and enterprises, lower taxes, which will actually increase tax revenue, as well as reduce both the size and power of local and national government and their hundreds of agencies and quangos, all of which cost us dearly and curb our freedoms.

By doing this, we would once again have a prosperous country which would benefit all. Of course, none of the other three mainstream political parties want that. They prefer to remain within the anti-democratic and socialist European Union that keeps the people down

Yours faithfully,

Philip Griffiths, North West Chairman

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