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Rapid population increase warning

Rapid population increase warning

Office for National Statistics joins Office for Budget Responsibility in failing public sector planners

Official projections by the National Audit Office (NAO) published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) predict that the UK’s population is set to increase by 9.7 million over the next 25 years to nearly 75 million by 2039. These increases, say the NAO will be made up 51% immigration, and 49% natural increase (birth over death rates).

Steven Woolfe, UKIP’s Migration and Financial Affairs spokesman commented:

“With the way in which it accounts for the number of people immigrating into the UK in these population figures, the Office for National Statistics joins the Office for Budget Responsibility in being a government funded organisation that is not fit for purpose in terms of helping relevant authorities plan future public services. How the ONS can use a figure of 185,000 for net migration for their UK population projections when the real number is currently 330,000 and on a rising trajectory needs explaining. This important number has a critical knock on effect on bands throughout the population age spectrum and can drastically alter birth rates.
“As a result, what are government departments, local councils , public authorities, the NHS, Schools and voluntary bodies to make of this glaring anomaly between the ONS projections and the likely reality if the UK does not leave the European Union and its free movement of people Treaty obligations, that mean that hundreds of millions of people have the right to come to the UK to settle, at any time? These bodies are responsible for ensuring that our railways, health service, education and transport systems can meet the demands of a rising population. Already our NHS is crumbling due to increased demand, there are not enough primary school places for immigrant children and the housing shortage in London and the south east is getting worse not better. 

Steven Woolfe MEP

Steven Woolfe MEP

“Without robust statistics and forecasts from organisations like the ONS and OBR, the government is flying in the dark with respect to future budgetary and resource decisions until one day, in the not too distant future, the poor quality analysis of these organisations comes home to roost. This is a national scandal for a country that was once known throughout the world as a global leader in public administration.”

Notes to Editors:
Click here to download the Office of National Statistics National population projections, 2014-based Statistical Bulletin

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