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Public Health Put At Risk

Public Health Put At Risk

November 28, 2013

Public Health Put At Risk 

Local Euro-MP Paul Nuttall has described the move for plain packaging for cigarettes as “dangerous for consumers”.

“This will ‘open the flood gates’ for counterfeit cigarettes to submerge the market,” he explained.

His comments follow David Cameron ordering a re-think about introducing plain packing in the face of losing a vote in the House of Lords on the issue

“Once again, the Tories are having to perform a u-turn because the upper chamber have rubbished their previous decision.

“On Thursday Health Minister Jane Ellison tried to say this is about public health, but she has been forced to admit that plain packaging will make it much easier for cheap, counterfeit cigarettes to flood our pubs and playgrounds.

“The dealers will not be paying tobacco tax, so they will be affordable to more people, including kids with pocket money, and that’s particularly dangerous as the black-market products will bypass all current regulations, so goodness only knows what will be in them.”

“In June Cameron made out he wanted to take-on the big tobacco companies, on behalf of the public, but there was no evidence that plain packaging would work.

“In fact the opposite is true and the big businesses have said they would welcome plain packaging, as it will prevent new competition entering the market,” said Mr Nuttall, UKIP deputy leader.

“This is not about the government fighting for public health, it’s about Cameron fighting for his political career, against a House of Lords that was going to defeat him.

“This is a cost free way of looking like they’re doing something. If he was serious about stopping young people from smoking, they would spend some money prosecuting shops that sell to school children.

“I can see why Cameron wants plain fag packets though, he needs something to write future government policy on.”

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