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Preston Council plan to raise Palestinian flag over Town Hall

Preston Council plan to raise Palestinian flag over Town Hall

Recently, Peter Rankin, Leader of Preston City Council announced plans to raise the Palestinian flag over Preston town hall.

Mr Rankin has stated:  – “I am appalled at the Israeli assault on Gaza and also at the response of our government.  As Leader of Preston City Council, I am pleased to be able to demonstrate our sympathy with the Palestinians through raising their flag over the town hall.  We are also exploring other ways in which we can help and support Gaza.”

These plans have raised concerns from North-West MEP Paul Nuttall:

“Mr Rankin seems to have forgotten that he is a local politician, and he is supposed to be doing everything he can to improve the lives of the people of Preston.

“This is a very divisive issue with many divided opinions. While it is perfectly acceptable for him to hold a personal opinion, he should not be making statements like this, on behalf of the people of Preston. I would be equally concerned if he hoisted the Israeli flag.

“Until every pothole is filled, every crack in the pavement repaired, every child has a place in the school of their choice and every elderly person is receiving the help they need at home, Mr Rankin’s eyes should not be drifting any further than junction 32 of the M6,” said Mr Nuttall, deputy UKIP leader.




  1. Well said Paul Nuttall. The councillot is grandstanding. It may make him feel important but doesn’t help solve the problems facing Preston. He was not elected on the basis of supporting the Palestinian cause and, anyway, there are arguments in favour of the Israeli case but the conflict won’t be decided by grand gestures from local politicians.


    • peter macintyre /

      Having witnessed the demonstration that marched through Preston the other day,it was striking that there were a number of palestinian flags and the marchers,to my untrained eye, were hardly representative of the many and diverse communities that make up this historic town.

      Must concur with the already expressed sentiment that local politicians do not have a mandate to generalise their own views on behalf of all their constituents.

  3. Shneur Odze /

    Could not agree with Muriel more, this is England and we have our own flag to fly and our own identity to be proud of!

  4. Mike Corrigan /

    Agree with Paul Nuttall and Muriel entirely. This public display of this bloke’s conscience is entirely outwith his remit. What does he expect, applause? This consistent interfering in things that have nothing to do with us (or him) has got us into problems in the past. He is entitled to hold his opinions, privately, but not to impress them upon others by misusing his public office. As stated, get Preston sorted first.

  5. Rod Mackay /

    This is a gross abuse of his position. Where does he get the idea he can speak for the people of Lancashire on foreign affairs (he certainly does not speak for me).

    Perhaps he is simply trying to court favour with the large Muslim populations of Preston and certain Lancashire towns.

    However, the damage and disruption of any consequent protests or sympathy rioting (or atacks on Jews in the community) must be laid at his door.

    Only the Union Flag (or what we end up with in the next months) should be flown from a public building – and that for non-political reasons only!!

    Does anyone have a telephone number or email for his office as I would like to call them to challenge this proposal?

  6. shirley campion /

    The only flag that should be flown is the Union Jack we are English after all. It is none of our business to flying other countries flags. THIS IS ENGLAND. or at least I thought it was, while we are about it we should celebrate St. Georges Day. When I was a little girl we used to do this and have an assembly while the flag was hoisted.

  7. Alan Hancock /

    I thought Councils represented the people that put them there and pay their wages. Was it the will of the majority of people of Preston to do this?
    Otherwise it is a person in public office abusing his position to display his personal feelings.

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