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New Polls Show UKIP RIse

New Polls Show UKIP RIse

December 17, 2013


Results of a poll released today show that almost four times the number of voters would vote UKIP in the Crewe and Nantwich constituency than three years ago.

Figures released by Survation reveal that 11% would vote UKIP as opposed to just 3% in 2010.

Commenting on the results Steven Woolfe,  North West MEP candidate for the party, said , “The figures will be a further blow to the Conservatives in this marginal seat and show how UKIP is on the up and up.

“The poll, which covered three other constituencies, also puts paid to the lie that UKIP just takes votes from the Conservatives – we are taking votes from all parties. Almost 70% of UKIP voters did not vote for the Tories in 2010.

In Crewe and Nantwich the poll shows that the Conservatives are down by 13% to 33%, Labour up by 12% and Lib Dems down by 9% to just 6%.

“These statistics show that what will lose the Conservatives the election is the Conservatives themselves, not UKIP, ” said Mr Woolfe.

“The combined figures for UKIP and the Tories would still not be enough to catch Labour who are polling 46%.

“The increase in the Labour vote is bigger than the decline in the Tory support with the decrease in the Lib Dem vote also bigger than the increase in the UKIP vote.

“49% of those polled support UKIP because of our policies, well above the average for supporters of other parties. If there were no UKIP candidate, 38% of those supporting UKIP would not vote at all. “


  1. dissapointed we didnt do better in crewe though

  2. Indeed. I didn’t think the Crewe outcome was much to shout about to be honest

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