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Mersey Toll Slammed

Mersey Toll Slammed

Dear Editor,

There is no escaping the fact that the £2 toll for the use of the new Mersey Gateway Bridge for Warrington residents travelling to Halton hospital and the Cheshire and Merseyside Treatment Centre in Runcorn is a tax in ill health.

I object to the presence of tolls on any of our roads, primarily because they penalise motorists who already pay over the odds on their road tax and fuel duty.

However I understand that the Government has insisted that the new Gateway Bridge is tolled but other communities such as those in Halton have been able to secure discounts and concessions. I would like to see these concessions extended to all Warrington motorists.

If tolls are indeed set to stay come 2017 then one way we can make it fairer for those visiting the hospitals would be for the toll fee to be deducted from the already extortionate cost of parking. This would avoid the double penalty that drivers would inevitably have to face when the bridge is operating.

Yours faithfully


Philip Griffiths, North West President

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