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Labour’s Royal Mail Claim Slammed

Labour’s Royal Mail Claim Slammed

September 25, 2013


Local MEP Paul Nuttall has slammed Labour’s claim that they would stop the privatisation of Royal Mail if they were in Government after 2015.

“It’s lies,they just cannot do it. The fact that the EU Postal Services Directive is largely behind today’s mess means it’s too late! There’s nothing we can do anymore.

“UKIP was the only party to fight hard to save post offices back when the last Labour Government were complacently waving through the EU legislation that sounded the death knell for the Royal Mail.

“And now they are trying to sell false promises that they would save the Royal Mail from privatisation in 2015? How? They are certainly not proposing breaking away from Brussels and Royal Mail would already have been floated on the stock market. It’s a load of lies!” said Mr Nuttall, UKIP deputy leader.

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