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The Job isnt over

The Job isnt over

Dear Editor,

After eight years of hard work, fighting for what we believe in, it is with much regret that John Stanyer, the former North West Chairman of UKIP has decided to resign from the party.

Without UKIP the referendum would never have happened, and while he is right to praise Theresa May`s speech on life after we leave the EU, it is still far from a “job done.” There are many trying to derail or even reverse the result of the 17.4 million who voted to leave and that includes many Conservative MP`s. 

2016 was a year which exposed internal conflict within UKIP, but thankfully we still registered high results in the polls, higher than the Greens and Lib Dems.  Now that we have elected a new leader, Paul Nuttall MEP, who is uniting the party and we are now back on course again, rising in the polls and fighting for what we believe in.

Copeland is important to us and while fighting two by-elections at once is not an ideal situation,  UKIP is ready to take up the challenge. We will be putting up a robust campaign in Copeland offering the electorate the opportunity to vote for a party that believes in Britain as an independent nation open to the world for business.

That process starts locally with the electorate having their say and not being ignored by yesterday’s traditional political parties, as they have been for years. Our candidate, Fiona Mills represents the future, ready to take on the brave new world that we are entering and one well worth voting for!

Yours sincerely

Philip Griffiths, North West President

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