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Invoke Article 50

Invoke Article 50

Dear Editor,

Now that the referendum has been won, it is time to get on with the process of extracting us from the EU without delay, otherwise it will look as if the government is deliberately ignoring the will of the electorate.

First, following initial talks we need to invoke “Article 50”of the Lisbon Treaty, which will set in motion the two year period that it will take to leave, negotiating not only the terms, but allow the UK to find potential trading partners around the world.

Despite the scare stories, the world carries on and that includes business, yes markets do fluctuate and stabilise , that is the nature of them. Organisations speculate, that`s what they are in business for, to make profits, so business will carry on as usual.

This positive result offers are country an exiting future with far greater opportunities outside rather than remaining in the EU, opportunities that will benefit our country and its people, making us a prosperous nation, taking back control and once again being in charge of our own destiny.

And let nobody forget, If it wasn`t for Nigel Farage and UKIP we would never have had this referendum, and we are not going away, we will be working to ensure that our politicians abide by the voters decision and believe in Britain. 

Yours sincerely

Philip Griffiths, North West President, UKIP

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