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Integration failure slammed

Integration failure slammed


News that there was been a failure of integration between Muslim groups and local communities in towns such as Oldham and Accrington comes “as no surprise” to Louise Bours MEP.

A report published today (THURS) by the think tank Policy Exchange reveals that places with high proportions of Muslims tended to have high levels of residential segregation and had high levels of deprivation.

Ms Bours, Ukip MEP for the North West, said the report would merely confirm what many people living in those towns knew already.

She said: “This is the evidence of the complete failure of multiculturalism thrust upon on places like Accrington and Oldham by the former Labour government.

“In an attempt to stuff towns with Labour voters, not only have they created division among communities, they have also increased pressure on local services and job opportunities.”

The Policy Exchange report said that areas of poor integration were post-industrial districts of Yorkshire and Lancashire dominated by people of Pakistani heritage such as Oldham, Accrington and Bradford.

Louise Bours MEP

Louise Bours MEP

Areas with high proportions of Muslims were likely to have high levels of residential segregation and were among the most deprived, the report added.

Among the most integrated places were wealthy suburban areas such as Esher in Surrey, Rickmansworth in Hertfordshire and Sutton Coldfield in the West Midlands.

Towns of Eastern England that have experienced a huge influx of Eastern Europeans were similarly affected, the report said. 

The most integrated places usually did not have a single large minority group. Also, the more integrated a place, the greater the share of ethnic minorities in higher paid jobs. 

David Goodhart, of Policy Exchange, said: “People of similar backgrounds tend to cluster together but we know that a good society needs a sense of trust and mutual regard that crosses social and ethnic boundaries.”

Ms Bours added: “The blame for this lack of social cohesion lies at the feet of the Labour party.

“It was their policies that have led to a situation whereby towns like Oldham are split into individual communities, rather than everyone integrating together.

“You cannot blame the communities themselves – how are two or three sets of relative strangers meant to suddenly be part of one big happy family?

“Once again we see the results of Labour’s obsession with securing votes at the expense of the people who have to live with the consequences.

“More worrying still, David Cameron said in 2011 that state multi-culturalism had failed, so what on earth has been doing in the intervening five years to change that?

“It would appear the answer to that is ‘nothing’.”



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