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Immigration lowering wages

Immigration lowering wages

UK Central Bank researchers calculate immigration causes lower wages for those on lower rung


Steven Woolfe MEP

​The latest research report published with the help of the the Bank of England, “The impact of immigration on occupational wages: evidence from Britain”, concludes that migration has had a significant, negative effect on the pay workers in the UK. UKIP Migration spokesman, Steven Woolfe MEP comments:

“Since I have been the UKIP spokesman on Migration, along with UKIP leader Nigel Farage, I have been arguing that mass uncontrolled migration pushes down the wages of the low paid in Britain. This is not the first report which came to the same conclusion. In fact, Bank of England Governor, Mark Carney also recently accepted that unsustainable levels of migration causes wage compression some time ago.

“The Report states clearly that a 10 percentage point rise in the proportion of immigrants working in semi/unskilled services leads to a 1.88 percent reduction in pay. Government net migration numbers of over 300,000 annually, together with those that are not captured in official figures, is preventing wages rising in line with inflation for native, British workers, noticeable at the lower end of the skills classification scale. But the ‘knock on’ effects of this many outsiders entering the UK workforce impacts the disposable incomes of workers across the social spectrum and, with technological advances, hinders employment opportunities for British people.

“Until policymakers in this country stop being apologists for mass migration it excuses them from dealing with the consequences of a dispossessed, impoverished, UK native ‘underclass’. Successive Labour and Tory governments have been warned about this but done nothing. In fact, the real untold scandal of the migration debate is that the substitutability of immigrant labour into the UK has let our politicians off the ‘social policy’ hook!

“We need to take control of our migration policy, and implement an Australian-style points based immigration system which is fit for British workers and the British economy. This is now urgently needed in light of the Chancellor’s announcement of a living wage, which will be a significant pull factor for many migrants within the EU and beyond to come here both legally and illegally and further negatively impact of those living in poverty in Britain.”


Editors Note:
1) Copy of the report here: 
2) Steven has commented previously on the arguments  of one of the authors of the report Stephen Nickell here

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