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IEA Reveals True HS2 Waste

IEA Reveals True HS2 Waste

Aug 21

Dear Editor,

The report by the Institute of Economic Affairs stating that the controversial High Speed 2 project is now expected to cost the UK taxpayer a whopping £80 billion is further proof that it is nothing more than a white elephant vanity project.

These costs are already spiralling out of control and not a single piece of new track has even been laid. This summer, we have seen these costs rise from £30 billion to £42.6 billion and now £80 billion. I would imagine that come 2032/33 when the first trains are due to arrive into Manchester, the total cost will be much more than £80 billion.

With train fares now expected to rise by 4.1% next year, far outstripping the rise in wages, I would be surprised if by 2032 there is anyone left able to pay for a ticket.

This money would be much better spent on ramping up the improvement needed to local rail services, particularly in the north of England where commuters still face using an almost Victorian service.

Yours faithfully


Paul Nuttall

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