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Identify Tax Dodging Councillors – Nuttall

Identify Tax Dodging Councillors – Nuttall

Dear Editor,

It is an absolute disgrace that two elected councillors, one Conservative and one Labour,  have been granted anonymity after it was found out they were guilty of not paying council tax for over two years.

Councillors are responsible for setting the level of council tax and ultimately deciding how it will be spent. The vast majority of residents pay their council tax in full in the belief that their local councillor is paying his fair share.

Whilst the typical resident may not be particularly bothered about the identity of a council tax dodger on their street, I believe that in the case of elected public servants, naming and shaming is in the public interest.

I am sure that both local party associations would also like to know the identities of those concerned so they can go through the process of deselecting them for future elections.

Yours faithfully


Paul Nuttall

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