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Human Rights Act Trumps Common Sense Again

Human Rights Act Trumps Common Sense Again

Dear Editor,

The relaxation of strict anti-terror controls on an Islamist fanatic, who trained with five other suspects in the Lake District, on the basis that his human rights are being infringed, is nothing short of shocking.

This terror suspect is ‘determined’ to carry out a deadly Mumbai-style attack here in the UK and clearly has no regard for civilian life. For the sake of public safety, the suspect, known only as ‘CD’ should continue to be under strict terror controls. Suspect ‘CD’ is known to have trained at terror camps in Syria whilst others have trained in Somalia and Pakistan.

Sadly, terror suspects have been able to carry out their acts because MI5 are no longer able to fully monitor those who are deemed at risk. With these restrictions lifted, the total cost for MI5 and the police to monitor suspect ‘CD’ and his five accomplices is expected to be to the tune of £20 million a year.

Once again, the Human Rights Act is getting in the way of common sense. Suspect ‘CD’ has been granted lifelong anonymity, whilst those wrongly convicted of lesser crimes face lengthy procedures to clear their name.

Perhaps without the protection of the Human Rights Act, which is nothing more than a criminal’s charter, the well-being of the public at large would take precedence over the rights of terror suspects who use the Lake District as their base.

Yours faithfully


Paul Nuttall

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