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Holding establishment to account

Holding establishment to account

Dear Editor,

In last June`s referendum 17.4 million of us voted to leave the EU in order to take back control of our country, including immigration, controlling our borders and making our own laws, which for the last forty four years our politicians had outsourced to the EU.

The Brexiteers won and when Teresa May became PM, she made it very clear that “Brexit means Brexit” respecting the will of the people and despite the constant barracking from the Remainers.

However,  David Davis, the EU Exit Secretary on a visit to Estonia stated that we we were not  going to “suddenly shut the door” on foreign workers jobs when we leave the bloc, adding that it would take several years before British-born workers were ready to take over the jobs that are currently done by migrants.

Whilst nobody expects that migrants should be expelled, we expect that we control the numbers coming in, that’s what we voted for and considering Mr Davis was a leading Brexiteer his statement is quite extraordinary. 

While we won the referendum battle itself we now we have to win the war and that means holding the political establishment to account to ensure that we get exactly what we voted for.

Yours sincerely

Philip Griffiths, North West President, UKIP

Phil Griffiths

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