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High Speed vanity projects

High Speed vanity projects

Dear Editor,

The proposed “Ticket to Ride” high speed rail project connecting Liverpool with the major cities within George Osborne`s “ Northern Powerhouse,” to be funded by Mersey Tunnel users to the tune of £2billion of the estimated £3billion costs, is a complete nonsense.

This plan suggested by the think tank, ResPublica, and endorsed by Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson, in reality is a vanity plan. We already have connections to these cities and for the little time saved, it does not justify the additional costs of what is the outrageously high priced HS2.

If HS2 ever goes ahead, all links should be included in what is a national project (EU planned), which will be paid for by the taxpayers, and therefore should not be imposed as an additional tax by the Liverpool City Region’s bureaucrats, who intend to fleece motorists by using them as a cash cow.

The surplus £12-£14 million raised from the tolls each year is supposed to used first for driving down the never-ending tunnels “debts”, funding local transport schemes and nothing else. The “Ticket to Ride” project is far more than a local plan.

If it goes ahead, it represents a further tax on jobs for those commuting each day as well as on businesses and goods, which will impact on the cost of living, and no doubt it will be expanded to include the new Mersey Gateway and the Runcorn bridge.

Bureaucrats like Joe Anderson using the recommendations of the usual think tanks are always finding schemes to spend other people’s money and the motorist is always their first target.

We are already taxed to the hilt as it is, but these “leeches” always want more. Isn’t it about time they cut their own cloth accordingly and used their existing funding more effectively ?

Yours sincerely

Philip Griffiths, North West President UKIP 

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