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High Speed Rail is EU Driven

High Speed Rail is EU Driven

February 26, 2014


The blame for the outrageously costly HS2 railway line has been laid squarely at the door of the EU.

In a withering speech at the parliament in Strasbourg, local UKIP Euro-MP Paul Nuttall has called for the white elephant project to be scrapped.

He pointed out that the EU’s “so-called harmonisation” is behind the venture, a fact never admitted by the British government.

“The EU is just no good at overseeing the railways of Europe and UKIP has been voting against this so called harmonisation for 15 years.

“We have a Victorian network, the oldest in the world. Quite why Brussels need to harmonise trains in the UK which is an island with the rest continent is anyone’s guess,” he said.

Mr Nuttall, UKIP’s deputy leader pointed out, “HS1 and the Channel tunnel were financial disasters with shares crashing and people losing huge amounts of money. 

“But now we have HS2 because the EU believes we should do so. In 2002 the EU took the British government to court because of failing to fulfil our obligations under the Trans-European Rail System Directive and now we have the HS2.

“The EU sponsored HS2 it will be costly, pointless and unfair because it will punish the many to benefit the few – and I guarantee that the few will be the rich few.

“If HS2 was such a good idea then the business community would come up with the money, but they won’t because they know it is just another expensive EU vanity project.

“Therefore the bill for this drive for harmonisation will fall on the British taxpayers and that is why I believe and UKIP believes that it is grossly unfair, unneeded, unwanted and should be scrapped.”

Mr Nuttall has also pointed out that the project, which will devastate countryside and homes, will go ahead while Britain remains in the EU. “One more reason why we must leave,” he said.

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