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Gorton Candidate Announced

Gorton Candidate Announced



UKIP have announced Phil Eckersley as their candidate in the forthcoming Manchester Gorton by-election.

Phil, managing director of a social care company, wants to work with residents to create a better life for them.

“I believe that the people of Gorton are looking for a strong and positive voice to stand up for their community.

“They are a proud people who deserve the best opportunities to fulfil their potential but have been let down by successive Labour Governments and local Labour representation.

“I will be standing to bring back the feeling of pride in Manchester Gorton and work to enable residents to create a better life for themselves and their families.  Labour have had it too easy in Manchester for too long, they have lost the trust of local people.  

“Gorton needs something different for real change, Gorton needs UKIP,” said Phil, who was previously a qualified Quantity Surveyor. 

Phil, 31, was born in Ashton-under-Lyne, Manchester and spent his early years living in Droylesden, Manchester on a council estate. Later he lived in Droylesden and Oldham  and spent most of his time striving to become a professional goalkeeper, having played for Bury FC, Rochdale FC and Oldham Athletic at YTS level.

However realising that he would not reach a high enough level of standard in football he decided to concentrate on his studies. He achieved a BSc (Hons) First Class degree after studying Commercial Management and Quantity Surveying at the University of Manchester.

He was then approached by Salford University upon graduation to be paid to take his Masters degree in order to continue his dissertation project and research, which he declined to pursue his career. After a total of two years in the construction industry and with the 2008 recession he decided to start up a social care company which he still runs.

“I took this decision after having my own experiences of how poor care was being provided in the community and wanted to offer something better,” said Phil.

At University he was a member of the Socialist Party and supported the left-wing euro-sceptic NO2EU – Yes to Democracy campaign but his left wing beliefs did not last after starting work.

“I joined UKIP in 2013 as I felt no other Party credibly represented what I believed in, exiting the EU, law and order, supporting working people and promoting patriotic values. I am a part-time yoga teacher and a vegetarian,” he said.


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