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Get on with Brexit

Get on with Brexit

Dear Editor,

It is more than 100 days since the results of the referendum where announced, with the “Brexiteers” winning the day with 17.4 million votes.

This was almost 4% ahead of the ‘remain’ camp but they still refuse to acknowledge the result, instead determined to thwart the will of the people and democracy itself.

David Cameron gambled on winning because of his ‘Project Fear’ campaign, which is why he stated that his government would abide by the result whichever way it went. He lost and it ended his political career, but the fear campaign continues.

The doom and gloom scare-mongering stories designed to unsettle and intimidate the “Brexiteers” are still being peddled by establishment figures, the Treasury, EU ministers, elected MP`s and many others with their own agenda and vested interests. Their tactics are the causes of the fall in the value of the pound and any future price rises for consumers, not our vote to leave.

Yes, we voted the right way and their views should be ignored. The majority voted “Leave “ for the right reasons, not least to once again  control of our own destiny as an independent nation free from the shackles of the anti-democratic European Union.

We should all be talking up Britain with the opportunities that lie ahead for us in the whole world and be grateful that we were given the chance in a lifetime to do so. 

Now we need ensure what we voted for happens without further shenanigans and put the Great back into Britain.

Yours sincerely

Philip Griffiths, North West President

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