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Figures Prove Economic Recovery Missing in North West

Figures Prove Economic Recovery Missing in North West

Dear Editor,

The latest batch of unemployment figures released this week which revealed that the jobless total in the North West has risen by a staggering 24,000 goes to show that this supposed economic recovery is happening in the South and the Midlands but leaving the North further behind.

It is no surprise that this region has suffered the most when it comes to public sector cuts, especially when you consider that a higher number of public sector jobs have been lost across many local authorities. However I do not subscribe to the supposed solution called on by TUC Regional Secretary, Lynn Collins, who believes in spending money that we do not have.

In order for jobs to be created in the North West, the Government must urgently look into the level of rates they set on businesses in the high street which must be collected by councils.

Town centres in places such as Bolton, Wigan and Leigh were once bustling, with high occupancy rates and strong job creation. I would like to see these rates fall so businesses will come back to the high street and create jobs once more.

Yours faithfully


Paul Nuttall

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