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EU Will Track Your Driving Warns Local MEP

EU Will Track Your Driving Warns Local MEP

May 15, 2014


All new cars are to be fitted with tracking devices under new EU rules, warns local MEP Paul Nuttall.

Since the EU passed plans to fit new cars with a tracking device that works along the lines of a mobile phone, the UK government has admitted it cannot do anything to stop British drivers having to comply.

The EU claim the devices can be set to send out an SOS to the emergency services should the car’s airbag be deployed, potentially saving 2,500 lives a year across the continent.

“This is an absolute disgrace,” said Mr Nuttall, UKIP deputy leader.

“There is no evidence this will save lives. In the UK the emergency services don’t seem to have problems finding accident scenes, so this is a complete smokescreen for more sinister surveillance. 

“It is a very convenient step toward being able to charge drivers per mile, and cement car driving as a luxury only the well-off can enjoy.

“Manufactures will want to recoup the extra cost of fitting these devices and may well offer to sell the tracking data to insurance companies.“

Some car manufacturers, including BMW and Volvo, already include similar devices in their latest models, but these can be switched off.

An SOS button near the dashboard, linked to a SIM card, allows drivers to call 999 quickly. And if airbags are deployed it automatically sends a text message to emergency services with the car’s location – as well as its unique vehicle ID number.

Voluntary take-up has been low across the industry so the EU ruled all new car models must include the devices from October 1, 2015. Motorists will be unable to switch it off and it will be tested in MoT checks.

Mr Nuttall added, “To make matters worse, this comes just a few weeks after a consultation into a proposed 60mph speed limit on a section of the M1 to meet EU air quality rules showed that over 90% of people are against it. 

“The government are hiding the results and have decided to delay a final decision until after the elections, although they were hoping to keep that bit quiet.

“The EU will not be happy until it completely controls the Brutish road network, and the drivers on it.”

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  1. I’m not a one to advocate acts of disbedience, but I will recall the words of two Irish Republicans, whose ‘THEORY’ tactics actually worked to stir up the Irish people to have the self belief to take on the British Empire & won their indepenRead More……

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