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EU propaganda on farms

EU propaganda on farms


Brussels stamps a claim on British Agriculture


Tens of thousands of farmers across the UK are being forced to put up EU propaganda –  and to pay for the privilege.

Under new guidance put out by the Government any farmer who receives more than £7,700 in agricultural subsidies from the EU will have to pay to put up posters advertising this. 

Those who receive more than £388,250 must display a permanent billboard and those getting £38,825 for capital items must put up a plaque at least one square foot.

Paul Nuttall MEP

Paul Nuttall MEP

Local UKIP MEP, Paul Nuttall said: “It’s totally wrong that our farmers are obliged to get involved in the EU propaganda blitz especially when this money came from the British taxpayer in the first place.

“There are thousands of faceless bureaucrats in Brussels whose whole reason for existence seems to be dreaming up interfering and pointless rules. And here we go again and those farmers who disobey face being penalised.

“We have to hand over £350 million a week to Brussels and they so graciously deign to give us less than half back. Demanding that farmers who benefit from the Countryside Stewardship scheme erect gratitude signs is an outrage.


“It is particularly galling as our agricultural sector faces increasing financial problems but meanwhile the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy costs Britain an estimated £10 billion a year,” said Mr Nuttall, UKIP deputy leader.

He also pointed out, “I don’t think this is a coincidence that we are going to see more EU gratitude plaques erected in fields during the EU referendum campaign.”




DEFRA Guidance Section 8.4

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