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EU Plumbing New Depths

EU Plumbing New Depths

October 29, 2013


The EU has been accused of plumbing new depths in their bonkers efforts to waste taxpayers cash.

While householders all over Europe struggle to make ends meet the European Commission has had working groups spending almost three years working out how much water should be used to flush toilets and urinals.

“God knows how much that has cost and what a colossal waste of time and effort. These Eurocrats are really taking the pee,” said MEP Paul Nuttall, UKIP deputy leader.

“It is particularly ridiculous considering that Commission President President José Manuel Barroso, recently said the EU executive should be ‘big on big things and smaller on smaller things’.

“The world is in a financially parlous state and thanks to nonsense EU carbon targets, energy bills are forcing families into fuel poverty. And yet money is being thrown away on efforts to deliver an “Ecolabel” for toilets and urinals.

“We used to laugh at their stupid ideas such as discriminating against curvy cucumbers but it really isn’t funny that they continue to come up with hair-brained schemes.

“It’s costing every household in Britain about £6,000 a year for our membership of the EU and what do we get in return? More and more rules and regulations tying the hands of businesses resulting in higher costs for consumers.

“But don’t worry the EU is organising important research into toilets and producing 60 page technical reports involving tasks including ‘user behaviour’, ‘bad case assessment’ and ‘production definition’. They must really be flushed with success. Is that what they mean by toilet humour,” said Mr Nuttall, North West Euro-MP.

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