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EU Immigration Puts Warrington Jobs At Risk

EU Immigration Puts Warrington Jobs At Risk

Dear Editor,

Whilst I welcome the news that youth unemployment in Warrington has fallen from a high of 6.1% of 16-18 year olds in March 2012 to only 3.9% last month, I must warn that in January, the doors to our job markets will swing wide open to some 28.5 million EU citizens from Bulgaria and Romania.

Independent think tank Migration Watch UK have estimated that as many as 50,000 Bulgarians and Romanians will come to the UK every year for the next five years. There is no denying that this will put considerable pressure on the local job market here in Warrington.

It is utter madness to open the doors to cheap labour when there are still many of our own young people unable to get work in even a low paid, unskilled job.

It is about time we say enough is enough!

Yours faithfully


Paul Nuttall

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  1. When Fleetwood was represented by Joan Humble, Labour, she remarked how welcome it was to have Polish immigrants fill the jobs that Brits did not want to do.
    She was not challenged except by a few individuals like me with no political association.
    But I was talking with, and mixing with the thousands of Scots and Sandgrown’uns who relied on the seasonal routine of the work, and had adjusted their lifestyles accordingly. Those very same seasonal workers with mortgages and tax obligations were immediately marginalised by Labours idiotic race to destroy the British way of life. Pandering to the Free Movement of Labour was/is a smokescreen for truth and facts. Let us take the 4 million Brits living abroad within the EU. The overwhelming majority of these Britons are retired, so who is to say who and where someone who has laboured (sic) hard for fifty years, can and does spend their well earned money? Definitely not the illiterate Labour supported with their Large Council Houses and pockets filled from pensioner’s thrift.
    If we, as a notion, want to survive, to must stop pandering to the lies from Labour and the Socialist Agenda from unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. Yes, we must educate the populace to work, not just to be able to fill in application forms for more and more of my meagre and dwindling pension.

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