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EU border force

EU border force

Dear Editor,

Plans for the EU border force confirm the European Commission`s determination for a total union of member states and the fact that David Cameron supports it only shows how insincere his pathetic demands for renegotiations for a better relationship are.

The formation of a combined border force will mean that it will be under EU command, that includes vessels of the UK, and will lead to the EC`s goal of an EU, navy, air force and army, which in turn will lead to their total dream of not only ever closer union,  but one country – Europe.EU-logo

It is my view that they are using the migration crisis, encouraged by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, as the perfect excuse to accelerate their plans, thus ignoring the will of a ever growing tide of Eurosceptic citizens across all 28 member states of the EU. Democracy is something they don`t do.

What David Cameron is doing is quite in step with the season, it’s pure pantomime, playing to the audience, playing the part of the “good guy” -oh yes he is, I can hear you shout, when in fact he is really playing the “bad guy” oh yes he really is!

He will gain nothing from his feeble “demands” and he knows it, but a compromise will be reached in the New Year and Cameron will hail it as a victory and campaign for us to stay in. Don`t be fooled it will be nothing more than a con! 

Happy Christmas. 

Yours sincerely

Philip Griffiths, North West President, UKIP

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