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EU army plan revealed

EU army plan revealed

Dear Editor,

Plans for a European Army are relentlessly marching ahead – just as we have long predicted and despite denials by mainstream British politicians.

Former EU Commission President Romano Prodi has already admitted it is in the pipeline and now we learn that Germany is pushing for such an army to encompass all 28 member states with a joint headquarters and shared military planning.

Apparently Germany had wanted to keep the proposals secret until after the EU referendum, well they would wouldn’t they?

Germany is desperate to keep the UK in the grasp of the European Union as they know that if we leave other member states may well follow our example and their beloved EU project will collapse around their ears.

Those in this country in the Remain camp deny losing our sovereignty but giving up the right to defend ourselves is just a further erosion of that.

The writing for the future of the UK as an independent nation is not just on the wall it is writ in ominous blue and yellow. 

Anyone who truly cares for this country and future generations must stand up and be counted by voting for Brexit next month.

Yours faithfully

Paul Nuttall MEP

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  1. M Langan /

    I live in west Yorkshire, I am sure that I share the view as almost all the people that I talk to, not just in my part of my country but in the north and south. the people I talk to are absolutely fed up with patronizing euro MPs who will lose a lot of perks and money if the UK people vote to get out of this sham EU. for too long we the UK have been bailing out members of the EU who look at the UK as a soft touch. £530 million a week is going into the EU a week how can an any one knowing this think its fine and then look at our NHS, Military, Border security, Immigration, is not safe in the hands of the so called leaders. The British people are not stupid but we are loins led by donkeys its time the donkeys from all parties are made to face the fact that the people they are supposed to represent have lost total faith in any thing they say and do . we live in a selfish age . I have one question for anyone who thinks that the UK staying handcuffed to the power drunken EU MEPs who pass laws without the consent of the people who they are supposed to represent, who have not been asked what they would want we have had enough. as far as we are concerned nothing good has come out of the main land Europe state for Brittan and the British people have paid more than enough. we have always tried to do the right thing for Europe and we have paid for that action over and over again , its time we put our own country and people first. I have just been told on BBC Radio 2 that if we do vote to leave the EU that They will call an other EU vote ? democracy? one member one vote? didn’t the last hundred years teach us anything? our Nation stood alone to stand up for its own people and others now and say NO to Europe you have had enough of our lives and wealth. We are going to look after our own. that is what the people are saying and they are from all backgrounds colours and creeds. BRITISH!

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