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EU army on its way?

EU army on its way?

Dear Editor,

Jean Claude Juncker’s recent admission that the EU meddles and interferes too much in peoples lives smacks of talking with forked tongue.

He is and always will be an arch- federalist determined to push forward full integration of all 28 member states to form a United States of Europe, ruled by one government. It already has a flag, an anthem and a parliament and their next step will be an army.


That process has already started.  Last month the Dutch 43rd Brigade came under the command of the German 1st Armoured Division, this follows the Dutch 11th Airmobile Division coming under German command last year.

Furthermore, there are plans to merge their two navies, and the Czech Republic wants its army to become part of Germany’s. Yet it is being denied by our PM David Cameron.


The German Defence Minister, Ursula von der Leye has declared that the EU`s long term aim is to create an EU army.

If we vote to remain we will be dragged into it regardless of what Cameron says.  

Yours sincerely

Philip Griffiths, North West President UKIP

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