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Doubt over Labour party Cancer test pledge

Doubt over Labour party Cancer test pledge

Ed Miliband’s seven day promise for cancer test results is nothing more than headline grabbing, said UKIP health spokesman Louise Bours.

“It’s straight from Utopia and lovely though it would be, it’s unlikely to happen. Many patients can’t even get an appointment to see their own GP within seven days never mind such results.

“It is a disgrace that this country is lagging behind the European average for survival rates on nine out of ten common cancers and that undoubtedly needs addressing. But this seven day turnaround pledge from a patient reporting cancer fears is just impractical on so many levels, including insufficient expert staff and facilities to make it a reality.

“If Labour really thinks that the electorate is going to be taken in by such a blatant attempt at vote catching they are even more desperate than we thought,” said Ms Bours, North West MEP.

“And he’ll win no friends with smokers because who else is going to pay for the £150m a year tax on tobacco companies he has earmarked to fund the scheme?”



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