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No need for brexit delay

No need for brexit delay

Dear Editor,

With both Houses approving the Bill for PM Theresa May to trigger Article 50, there are no reasons for any further delays. If she waits until the end of the month she will miss it being discussed at the European Council summit on April 6th, thereby delaying the process.

The former PM David Cameron had promised to invoke it immediately if we voted to leave the EU, which we did. Instead he chose to resign with Theresa May taking the helm soon afterwards and, although she was part of his Government, inaction followed. 

If she had triggered it she could have avoided High  Court Judgements, Supreme Court rulings, faced no defeats in the Lords  as well as the continuing attempts by “Remainers” to reverse the decision to leave the EU by the 17.4 million voters in last June’s referendum.

If now triggered we would be well on the way to our exiting, however, her inaction is now causing concerns amongst businesses and people alike especially as now that Nicola Sturgeon is trying to break up the UK.

While Mrs May is good at talking the talk, her record is of inaction. She now needs to prove that that her statement “Brexit means Brexit”, means exactly what it says and get on with the job in hand, or lose the trust of the people.

Let us remember that it was a Tory Government who in 1973 took us into what is now the EU. It was UKIP that forced another Tory Government into allowing us the referendum. It is now their job to invoke the will of the people and get on with it. No ifs No Buts.

Yours sincerely

Philip Griffiths, North West President, UKIP


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