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Don’t believe remain scaremongering

Don’t believe remain scaremongering

Dear Editor,

Wind the clock back to 8th October 1990, the day we joined the ERM -Exchange Rate Mechanism, the precursor to the Euro. We were told It was designed to keep interest rates stable, inflation low, encourage export trade and encouragement for EU member states to join, or as they stated, a leap into the Euro, in short good for our economy.

It was disastrous for our economy and is said to have caused the recession, costing thousands of job losses as companies went bust, so on 16 September 1992 the Conservative Government was forced to withdraw from it. Being in the ERM cost the country an estimated £3.4 billion.    

Prior to the launch of the Euro just countries, the UK and Denmark had “opt outs” against joining, ( but the UK did not say never to joining and all member states will be expected to join it by 2020)  and many of the doomsayers are the same people campaigning to remain, warning of the consequences if we leave the EU as they warned against not joining the Euro.

Despite their warnings it was decided that Britain would not join and we are now the world’s fifth largest economy and even as we are in the lead-up to the “In/Out” referendum Britain has a record level of foreign investment, the largest in Europe.

Leaving the EU will increase job opportunities and trade globally. Even major car companies such as Nissan, Toyota, General Motors along with others even Air Bus have all said that it would make no difference to their investment in the UK. 

The only people who are trying to prevent this and being more than economical with the truth are Cameron, Osborne, the Treasury and most of the establishment.

Be confident on June 23rd, believe in Britain and our future. 

Yours sincerely

Philip Griffiths, North West President

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