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Debates Challenge Snubbed

Debates Challenge Snubbed

March 12, 2014



UKIP deputy leader Paul Nuttall has snubbed attempts by Liberal Democrat MEP Chris Davies to hang onto his coat tails for publicity.

The Euro-MP, who like Mr Nuttall represents the North West, has invited him to a series of local debates over the EU ahead to the Euro-elections in May.

But Mr Nuttall has responded by telling him, “I am amused by your tactics but frankly do not take them seriously.

“As my party’s deputy leader, my schedule is already packed with the many people wanting to hear the UKIP message and I do not propose to give you a free ride on the back of UKIP’s popularity.

“It was a very nice try though!

“Of course, I will debate with you and other candidates in the normal way at hustings etc. and I am very happy to debate with your deputy leader, Simon Hughes on an appropriate national platform,” Mr Nuttall told him.

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