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Cuadrilla Fracking Decision Disappointing

Cuadrilla Fracking Decision Disappointing

Dear Editor,

Whilst I am glad that Cuadrilla have said that they will continue to seek out new sites for potential fracking across Lancashire, I am disappointed at their announcement this week that they are to cease drilling at its Preese Hall site in Weeton.

As Ed Milliband is all too quick to point out at the dispatch box, we are all facing a cost of living crisis and energy bills are one of the biggest culprits. His pledge to freeze energy bills for 20 months will provide nothing more than a temporary reprieve from rising fuel poverty. Only by embracing new, affordable sources of energy will we finally see long term heating bills come down.

If we continue to scare off leading firms such as Cuadrilla, we in the North West may soon find ourselves left out entirely from the shale gas revolution that, according to a Government commissioned report, could create 32,000 jobs and generate up to a fifth of our gas demands.

With a promise of an initial £100,000 payment plus a 1% share in shale revenues for affected authorities, Lancashire County Council and town councils should be welcoming Cuadrilla with open arms, especially at a time when funding from central government is cut back and public services are being withdrawn.

Yours faithfully


Paul Nuttall,


  1. Stephen Flanigan /

    There is an answer to Andy Pembertons’ angst – the farmer featured on BBC’s NW programme news last Monday – and it has to be addressed. It will not get answered by obfuscation and dithering, nor by allowing political foes the advantage of others thinking, or by ignoring informative questioning by ones own supporters. We all know the collective IQ of Labour is about minus5, but at least they get out even if all they do is to instil fear in the community. I am thoroughly for Fracking but I want all the questions answered.

  2. Nick Ford /

    According to goverment reports half the country is to be open to fracking and create 72,000 jobs and bring down the price of energy. All propaganda, It has already been stated by the energy firms that Shale extraction will not reduce cost of energy. Fracking will do real damage to the country causing water and stability problems. Thankfully local councils are demand a better slice of the cake so the companies don’t rake in all the profits for themselves. Hopefully it will slow things down if it doesn’t stop it altogether.

    • Ade Larsen /

      Dear Sirs,

      UKIP Policy of endorsing Hydraulic Fracturing of Shale Oil Gas in UK.

      1) Hydraulic Fracturing (fracking) is the most hideous, dangerous and most environmentally unfriendly way to poison ground water, surface water, soil and air.
      Fracking causes health issues too which are serious.

      2) Fracking will upset ordinary citizens, green groups AND farmers as the process of Fracturing brings salty poisoned water to the surface which cannot be got rid of as well as poisoning ground water and soil.

      The gases released into the air are of extreme concern as they cause big medical problems in humans too.

      3) My experience working in the north sea and in Australia with oil and gas drilling and extraction gives me direct insight into the dangers of Fracking. I know how poisonous it is.

      4) If the UK is to go ahead with Fracking then you will lose farming land forever and water forever and a day.

      It’s not worth it, no matter how much the Shale Oil / Gas companies say it is safe and “old technology”. Fracking is a disaster.

      Nigel and the party need to discover what fracking really does. There is NO SAFE WAY TO FRACK.

      Further to my experience in north sea and on-shore in Australia I can add that I am pro-mining and I think man-made climate change is a load of bull so I am not some crazy green nutter. I am no greeny let me tell you.

      But fracking is ALWAYS dangerous every time a well is fracked.

      I support UKIP except for this policy of fracking. Your party must look at it and understand what it does.

      If you allow the shale oil gas companies to FRACK then in 10 years time you will have not only a public health menace breathing down your neck but an environmental disaster that makes immigration and the EU seem like Lego for a 3 year old.

      Hydraulic Fracturing is a disaster everywhere it goes.
      Once you lose your farm land and safe water to fracking then you can’t get it back. When the companies tell you how safe it is, they are lying through their teeth.

      To watch Nigel openly admit he wants fracking just blew me away.
      Before the party and Nigel talks more about fracking they should all watch a documentary called “Gas Land”. It will truly open your eyes.

      Please remember, I am not a greeny. I am an Engineer, Farmer, Business Owner and beer drinking scoundrel. I’ve been around.

      Both the EU and Fracking are a disaster. One makes you poor and subjugated and the other kills you.

      I support UKIP.

      Yours Sincerely

      Ade Larsen

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