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Council cash row

Council cash row

Dear Editor,

In reply to Cllr Phil Davies’ remarks about Wirral council budget reductions I appreciate that Government cuts to council budgets are a major concern, in Wirral`s case £132 million. But it is a wake up call for them to cut their cloth accordingly and stop building political empires out of residents money, in this case parking charges !

Governments, both national and local, when there is a shortage of money always look to the motorist as a “cash cow” and tax accordingly. To them motorists are an easy target, but they don’t think it through. It will put even more strains on household budgets and put many local businesses and jobs at risk by driving shoppers to places that offer free parking.

Why, at a time when they are proposing draconian parking charges, have they agreed to create a new senior job with a budget of £80,000 being allocated for the position (which I suspect will rise), and why did they have to pass an order preventing councillors from asking questions about it? What ever happened to democracy? It is a clear case for reducing the number of councillors and with it greater savings.

Like many people, I believe that we should not be giving over £12 billion of taxpayers hard earned money away in overseas foreign aid, in may cases to corrupt and unaccountable regimes and to countries that don’t need it. Charity begins at home and in our case that means the vast amount of underfunded projects that the UK and local councils have.

I would remind Cllr Davies, that despite his disparaging remarks against Wirral UKIP, we have almost four million supporters nationally and in Wirral we have polled more votes than the Lib Dems, Greens and Independents put together in the last three local elections. Our support continues to grow in Wirral as it does elsewhere as voters maintain their distrust of the establishment parties.

Yours sincerely

Philip Griffiths, North West President, UKIP

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