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Contraception concerns raised

Contraception concerns raised


Grave concern over girls as young as ten being given the contraceptive implant by the NHS has been voiced by UKIP health spokesman Louise Bours.

“I was shocked to read that a ten-year-old girl has had this device implanted by East Lancashire NHS Trust and throughout the country countless thousands of under-age girls have also had this procedure.

“I am gravely concerned, not least because such implants have not been tested on under-18 year olds and the long term safety implications are therefore unknown.

“The circumstances of the 10-year-old have not been revealed but I don’t think there is any justification for it and there are tens of thousands of implants given to girls below the age of consent,” said Ms Bours, North West MEP.

“These implants involved the slow release of power hormones and it is frightening that the long-term effects, particularly on pre-teen girls, are unknown.”

Freedom of Information disclosures from 61 out of 160 NHS trusts that responded to questioning show that in the last five years, almost 10,000 slow-acting implants have been placed in girls under 16, with 56 of them aged 12 or younger.healthcare1

“As these figures relate to less than half the country’s trusts the real figure for the country must be considerably higher.

“I am most unhappy with such a casual attitude towards underage sex which instead of deterring youngsters from this illegal activity is going to encourage it and put them at risk of abuse,” she added.


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